First Light®️ Flower Essences of New Zealand were created on the dawn of the millenia, as a divine directive to address the challenges currently faced by humanity worldwide. 


The essences are sacred he tãonga …a living embodiment of the ancient earth nature forces of Aotearoa (Ancient Hawaiki Tautau) and given by the ancient earth guardians 

(kaitiaki) to bring back the ‘sacred healing waters of humanity’ in the Age of Aquarius. 

The sacred plant medicine of Aotearoa works in unison with our own natural healing matrix to transform, cleanse, balance, repattern and enhance inner harmony and personal wellbeing.

May this collective of wisdom and light shine as we stand together in unity with nature and move forward with our plant relations into a co-operative and co-creative future of infinite healing possibilities. 


In a session you’re invited to focus on a personal issue or question you’d like to address or require assistance with. We will be using a ‘Te Wheke spread’ the Eight Dimensions of Wellbeing to gain clarity and insight into what vibrational support the different aspects of yourself require right now.


The eight First Light® essences that are selected for you constitute a unique blend to support you holistically at this time and nurture all levels of your being.


You will receive a 25ml treatment bottle containing the vibrational source of plant mauri essence with your consultation as a month’s supply.

consultations available

30 mins – $40
60 mins – $80
90mins – $120

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What My Clients Say

“This was my first ever online reading/healing with the beautiful Rukuwai and I feel truly blessed and honoured to have had such a dynamic experience!

Rukuwai guides you through a deeply connected meditation whilst taking direction from higher levels of awareness.

Rukuwai brings you divine clarity and clearing of all that no longer serves you and helps you to break through barriers that may be challenging you at the time.

I am so blessed to have had a healing session with this unique Dynamic Diva”

TD - Brisbane, Australia

“My session with Rukuwai was a beautiful experience. I felt centered, deeply connected and wrapped in Rukuwai’s warm and healing energy.

Now, a few days later I am lighter, much more alive and joyful.

It is a real pleasure to work with Rukuwai as she is always so positive and inspiring and there is a special uplifting magical aura about her. Heartily recommend to anyone.”

TB - Auckland, New Zealand

“Really enjoyed Rukuwai’s Theta Healing (r) session… I feel a great deep peace, such a joy and nourishment to receive! I felt like I was bathing in liquid gold!

And the radiance, peace, & ease in my being continues now throughout my day.

I had just prior to this session become aware of my difficulty in receiving help & had invited an opening in this regard.

My session with Rukuwai really sealed the deal for me – I was aware of my attachment to being independent and self sufficient and was now able to recognise and acknowledge the greater knowing that holds me constantly.

I now allow myself to be held by life, I don’t have to do all the work, save lives, others and the world. So soothing to my soul! And then comes the awareness of the amazing perfection of my work and my path in all it’s embodiments.”

SA - Byron Bay, Australia