‘The Bars’ are a set of tools of Access Consciousness® that are based on the principle that there are 32 points and bars of energy that run throughout the head. That when these areas are lightly touched, can dissipate the energy holding anything in place that no longer serves you.

Such as, limiting points of view around finances, relationships (including yourself), ageing, healing, sexuality, creativity and more.

In a session with me you will be invited to relax in a supine position on a well cushioned massage table enabling total relaxation and alleviating tension in your body.

I will then gently touch areas on your head, hands and feet that will activate the energies in your body to create an open space for receiving high vibrational healing.

consultations available

60 mins – $100
90 mins – $150

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After receiving an Access Bars® Session people often experience

  • Greater mental clarity, motivation and problem solving capacity
  • Significant increase in joy & happiness
  • Improved manageability of depressive and anxious tendencies
  • Decrease in interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts
  • Deeper relaxation and non-interrupted sleep

What My Clients Say

“The healing session I had with Rukuwai has improved my thinking around what my body and I require pertaining to kai and rest. The advice I was given was true and helpful.

The method she used to help me relax was awesome! I felt her healing energy and aroha going right through me and went into total relaxation as I was reclined in her healing chair.

A day after my session with Rukuwai and I’m feeling choice, more energised and happy! I also have a clear pathway of understanding what works for me and what blocks me.’

You are blessed with the gift of healing Rukuwai, keep it up kare! “

PM - Tauranga, New Zealand, Your Content Goes Here

“Rukuwai- which means to be immersed in the ritual waters. This symbolises everything that She is and more. Rukuwai has acquired an unusual mastery over the essential attributes of a great healer which is unconditional Love.

This love is able to extend beyond her immediate surroundings- because love is the carrier of her healing art. I’m blessed to have met Rukuwai because I needed some internal shifting and spirit liberation work.

She responded by long distance (via the telephone) with a swiftness and a deftness that was effective and provided me with relief, recentering my wairua and spiritual compass.

She is a being of light (You’ll have to meet her and you’ll see it for yourself) and she has a peaceful presence that you can actually feel. But most of all is LOVE.

This will ensure that her influence will be perennial and her mauri will linger for generations to come. Do whatever it takes to be in her presence.

Because she will change your life. Aotearoa has a new warrior of light and her name is Rukuwai, Tihei Mauriora!”

Piripi Lambert - Ancient Whare Wānanga exponent and Star Lore expert, Hamilton, New Zealand

“I had heard about ’The Bars’ a few years ago and was excited to see it was yet another modality that his precious wahine Rukuwai Lloyd has been a part of and she was offering a one day workshop at such an affordable price!

So I snatched up the opportunity to add that to my Kete of knowledge and am absolutely grateful that I did.

Rukuwai is a very humble loving wahine who is professional in her teaching method and her mahi.

I enjoyed every bit of the learning process, her straightforward approach and down to earth humour was a relief from the “I am a teacher/ healer” ego that some people can get carried away with.

The modality itself is a deep and non invasive approach that works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional causal and spiritual. Be assured you will be floating by the end of  the day!

Our lunch was generously provided which was a wonderful treat as were the massage tables, blankets and pillows. Everything we needed to ensure our learning environment was comfortable and relaxing.

I would recommend any workshops that this lovely lady offers as her bubbly, positive, delightful energy is enough to lift you to the roof and away! You will not be disappointed!”

RB - Bay of Plenty, New Zealand